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Dexter for the iPhone

Dexter for the iPhone

Platform: Wireless Devices
Category: Action Games

One of the games which really caught me by surprise at E3 this year was Dexter for the iPhone. I, along with fellow editor Frank N, had a chance to sit down and get an exclusive behind closed doors session with the game. Being a huge fan of the show, I was very curious to see how Dexter would play out on Apple's iPhone.

The first thing that really captured my attention during the demo was Dexter's voice. Yes, everyone's favorite serial killer does the voice work in the game and it actually made the hairs on the back of my neck stand; it was that good. It gave the game instant credibility and authenticity. Setting the tone, Michael C. Hall's voice is engaging and true to the series as he narrates his every move. His voice has a way of drawing you right in as he preys upon his next victim. Needless to say, I was impressed with the voice work.

The demo I had a chance to check out wasted no time in getting straight to the action. Dexter's first scenerio involved hunting down a choir teacher who had been murdering some of his students, but before Dexter goes for the kill he needs evidence. As any fan of the show knows, Dexter, for the most part, makes sure his victim is guilty and deserving of their fate. Gathering evidence involves mini-games which include digging up dead bodies, blood splatter matching, and an assortment of other mini-games. Alhtough I am not a big fan of mini-games some of them did seem enjoyable.

After Dexter gathers all the evidence he needs, he prepares his kill room and captures his victim using stealth like tactics. The goal is to capture your prey without being seen. After some close calls, Dexter gets his man and the game skips into a cut-scene. The next thing you know Dexter has made his trademark slice on the side of his victims cheek. Then, using the bonesaw, you finish him off. Not for the faint of heart indeed.

I should mention everything is accomplished using the iPhone touchcreen and it is done with some great efficiency. The developers would love to see the game on next-gen consoles but they also recognize the controversy the game would likely generate should it arrive on the Xbox 360 and PS3 anytime soon. That being said, I want to see it on next-gen consoles. All in all, Dexter for the iPhone is looking like a must buy. Dexter fans and those looking for a creepy and engaging iPhone game will want to pick this one when it is available for download later this summer.

- Trevor H


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