(Nintendo DS) Pokemon Platinum

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English translation version of the Battle Frontiers:

Listed in order are the Battle Frontier buildings and corresponding Frontier Brains in the English version on the game.

Battle Tower - Palmer
His team in the first round is Dragonite, Rhyperior and Milotic.
His team in the second round is Heatran, Regigigas, Cresselia
Streak - BP

Battle Factory - Thornton
Random Pokemon in both rounds.
Streak - BP

Battle Arcade - Dahlia
Her team in the first round is Dusknoir, Medicham, Ludicolo.
Her team in the second round is Togekiss, Zapdos, Blaziken.
Streak - BP

Battle Castle - Darach
His team in the first round is Houndoom, Staraptor, Empoleon.
His team in the second round is Gallade, Empoleon, Entei.
Feat - CP*
# of Pokemon that have not fainted - No.x3CP
# of Pokemon with full HP - No.x3CP
# of Pokemon with more than half HP remaining - No.x2CP
# of Pokemon with less than half HP remaining - No.x1CP
# of Pokemon with no status ailments - No.x1CP
You used under 5PP Total in battle - No.x8CP
You used under 10PP Total in battle - No.x6CP
You used under 15PP Total in battle - No.x4CP
# of foe's Pokemon that you gave +5 Lv - No.x7CP

Battle Hall - Argenta
Random Pokemon in both rounds.
Streak - BP
10 - 1
30 - 3
Every 50 wins to 450 from 50 - 5
Every 100 wins from 500 to 1000 - 10
Every 200 wins from 1200 to 1800 - 30
From 2000+ Wins - 50

* Please note, this is correctly stated as CP, for the Battle Castle, it's not BP thats won. CP is used inside the Battle Castle.


These are rewarded WHEN you complete the indicated task.

Ability Ribbon:
Beat Palmer in single battle (1st time)

Great Ability Ribbon:
Beat Palmer in single battle (2nd time)

Double Ability Ribbon:
Win 50 consecutive Double Battles

Multi Ability Ribbon:
Win 50 consecutive Multi Battles

Pair Ability Ribbon:
Win 50 consecutive Multi Battles (Over wireless)

World Ability Ribbon:
Attain Rank 5 at the Wi-Fi Battle Room


When you win the following amount of consecutive battles you will recieve the corresponding trophy

Bronze Trophy - Win 20 consecutive single battles

Silver Trophy - Win 50 consecutive single battles

Gold Trophy - Win 100 consecutive single battles

Receive Happy Birthday Message from Dawn and or Lucas

When you have beaten the Elite 4 and you play the game on your birthday.
Talk to Dawn/Lucas she/he will wish you a Happy Birthday. If you don't want to wait for your Birthday to hear the message just set the DS clock to your date of birth.

Platinum Orb

When you have beaten the Elite 4 go to the Turnback cave. Make sure yuou do not making take the same door which you came from. Then go past the three pillars and you'll find the item Rare Bone and the portal to the Torn World. If you then follow the path you will eventually find the Platinum Orb. If you then give it to Giratina it will change to it's original form.

Crasher Wake's Gym in Pastoria

Useful Pokemon to have in gym 5 are ones which have Grass type moves. They are effective against Quagsire and Pokemon, which have Electric type attacks like Luxray to use against Gyarados and Floatzel who are weak against that type of attack.

Gardenia's Gym in Eterna

To reach Gardenia in gym 2 you must first deafeat the other trainers to make the middle blades unlock and move around. Pokemon have Flying type attacks, Fire and Poison are useful and if you don't have Chimchar you must have Noctowl or Stavia to have any chance of beating this gym.

Roark's Gym in Oreburgh

Pokemon with Water, Grass and Fighting moves will be useful in gym 1 as Roarak's Pokemon are weak against Pokemon with those type of moves. Be careful of Cranidos as it has a high attack but a weak defense, a good Pokemon to have against it is Machop who can defeat it easily.

Volkner's Gym in Sunyshore

In gym 8 Pokemon that know Magnatiude or Earthquake will be useful as all of Volkner's Pokemon are weak to Ground type moves. Be careful of Electivire who is quite powerful and knows several types of moves.

Byron's Gym in Canalave

A high leveled Pokemon which has Fire and Ground attack moves is useful in gym 6 as all three of Byron's Pokemon are weak against those type of attacks. Fighting moves are effective against Magneton and a Pokemon that knows Surf will be able to bowl over Bastioden and Steelix.

Maylene's Gym in Veilstone

To beat gym 4 you have to move the red punching bags around to get rid of the tires. Noctowl, Staravia, Kirlia and Kadabra are all good Pokemon to have in this gym.

Fantina's Gym in Hearthrome

To beat gym 3 you must first reach Fantina by navigating the two dark maze like rooms using a flashlight. Find the blue square with a pattern on it and then find the red door with the same pattern... match them up. If you are correct you will go through to the next room but if you are wrong you'll be sent back.

Elite 4 Lineups

Below is a complete lineup including stats for the Pre and post-National Dex which as you can see now include new Pokemon in the Sinnoh Dex

Pre-National Dex

Champion #1 - Aaron
Yanmega Lv.49, Scizor Lv.49, Vespiquen Lv.50, Heracross Lv.51, Drapion Lv.53

Champion #2 - Bertha
Whiscash Lv.50, Gliscor Lv.53, Golem Lv.52, Rhyperior Lv.52, Hippowdon Lv.55

Champion #3 - Flint
Houndoom Lv.52, Flareon Lv.55, Rapidash Lv.53, Infernape Lv.55, Magmortar Lv.57

Champion #4 - Lucian
Mr.Mime Lv.53, Espeon Lv.55, Bronzong Lv.54, Alakazam Lv.56, Gallade Lv.59

Champion #5 - Cynthia
Spiritomb Lv.58, Roserade Lv.58, Togekiss Lv.60, Lucario Lv.60, Milotic Lv.58, Garchomp Lv.62

Post-National Dex

Champion #1 - Aaron
Yanmega Lv.65, Scizor Lv.65, Vespiquen Lv.66, Heracross Lv.67, Drapion Lv.69

Champion #2 - Bertha
Whiscash Lv.66, Gliscor Lv.69, Golem Lv.68, Rhyperior Lv.71, Hippowdon Lv.68

Champion #3 - Flint
Houndoom Lv.68, Flareon Lv.71, Rapidash Lv.69, Infernape Lv.71, Magmortar Lv.73

Champion #4 - Lucian
Mr.Mime Lv.69, Espeon Lv.71, Bronzong Lv.70, Alakazam Lv.72, Gallade Lv.75

Champion #5 - Cynthia
Spiritomb Lv.74, Roserade Lv.74, Togekiss Lv.76, Lucario Lv.76, Milotic Lv.74, Garchomp Lv.78

Elite 4

This is your last Rival battle and below are their stats depending on which Pokemon you started with. As previous editions of Pokemon (Diamond and Pearl) the lineups are the same but at a slightly reduced level. Apart from one it is the Gym Leaders in Pokemon Platinum that are more powerful.

If Your Starter is Turtwig

Staraptor - Lv. 48

Floatzel - Lv. 47

Heracross - Lv. 48

Roserade - Lv. 47

Snorlax - Lv. 49

Infernape - Lv. 51

If Your Starter is Cimchar

Staraptor - Lv. 48

Rapidash - Lv. 47

Heracross - Lv. 48

Roserade - Lv. 47

Snorlax - Lv. 49

Empoleon - Lv. 51

If Your Starter is Piplup

Staraptor - Lv. 48

Floatzel - Lv. 47

Heracross - Lv. 48

Rapidash - Lv. 47

Snorlax - Lv. 49

Torterra - Lv. 51

Unlock National Pokedex

This features becomes available when you have completed the Sinnoh Pokedex by seeing ALL 210 regional Pokemon and then talking to Professor Rowan in his lab.

Sky Form Shaymin

You MUST have the Event Shaymin thats given to you via wireless event in TRU for America, or the Movie from Japan. These events have ended already and now require trading specific pokemon to get the item. Shaymin MUST be in the Cherish Ball to prove legitimacy. If you try getting the Gracidia flower from the blond girl in Floweroma Town you will not get it. You will have to wait to get WiFi to gain a TRU Shaymin. When you do get the Glacidia flower which has a magical power give it to Shaymin and then go to your Pokemon and click on Shaymin and he will transform into Sky Form.

Free Pokemon

During the game go to the given location and complete the following tasks or see the indicated person to receive the corresponding free Pokemon.

60 - Poliwag:
When you have the Natonal Dex go to the Day Care Center and speak to the man in front (50% chance of being Shiny).

79 - Slowpoke:
Show a child in the Seal shop a Pokemon with a capsule on it.

133 - Eevee:
Visit Bebe in Hearthome City.

137 - Porygon:
Talk to a man in a house in Veilstone.

175 - Togepi:
Rescue the Bike Shop manager from the Eterna City Galactic building to receive an egg containing Togepi from Cynthia.

447 - Riolu:
When you complete the mini quest with Riley and he will give you a Riolu egg at the end.

440 - Happiny:
Talk with a Hiker at Hearthome City and he will give you a Happiny egg.

441 - Chatot:
Talk to person in Eterna city

Early Evolution Items

You can find spread around Sinnoh the evolution items of Pokemon like Gligar, Duskull and Porygon before getting the National Dex.

Roaming Pokemon

There are 5 Legendary Pokemon that will roam the land of Sinnnoh when the corresponding event (listed below) has been completed. Use the Marking Map application on the Poketech to easily track them down.

Articuno Lv.60 (Ice)
When you have the National Dex go to Pal Park and talk to Prof. Oak.

Zapdos Lv. 60 (Electa)
When you have the National Dex go to Pal Park and talk to Prof. Oak.

Moltres Lv.60 (Fire)
When you have the National Dex go to Pal Park and talk to Prof. Oak.

Mesprit Lv.50 (Psychic)
Find in Lake Verity after battling Giratina.

Cresselia Lv.50 (Psychic)
Found on Full Moon Island after event with sleeping boy.

Frontier Brains

Listed in order are the Battle Frontier buildings and corresponding Frontier Brains and the streaks that must be reached to face their teams of Pokemon. You must face each Frontier Brain twice and when you defeat them you will recieve medals and Battle Points.

Battle Roulette - Daria
Streak 21 (Dusknoir, Medicham, Ludicolo) - Streak 49 (Togekiss, Zapdos, Blaziken)

Trophy Garden Pokemon

Here is a complete list of the Pokemon that appear in the Trophy Garden at the back of the mansion which is owned by Mr Backlot and situated in Route 212. There are also wild Pokemon at the Trophy Garden (Staravia, Roselia, Pikachu, Pinchu) and when you have the National Pokedex more Pokemon will appear there.

35 - Clefairy

39 - Jigglypuff

52 - Meowth

113 - Chansey

132 - Ditto

133 - Eevee

173 - Cleffa

174 - Igglybuff

183 - Marill (Water)

298 - Azurill

311 - Plusle (Electa)

312 - Minun (Electa)

351 - Castform

438 - Bonsly (Rock)

439 - Mime Jr. (Psychic)

440 - Happiny

Battle Castle - Cochran
Streak 21 (Staraptor, Houndoom, Empoleon) - Streak 49 (Gallade, Empoleon, Entei)

Battle Tower - Palmer
Streak 21 (Dragonite, Milotic, Rhyperior) - Streak 49 (Heatran, Regigigas, Cresselia)

Battle Factory - Nejiki
Streak 21 (Random Pokemon) - Streak 49 (Random Pokemon)

Battle Stage - Keito
Streak 60 (Random Pokemon) - Streak 170 (Random Pokemon)

Battle Frontier

When you reach the Battle Frontier you will be confronted by Flint and Volkner and their team which consists of Jolteon Lv.56, Luxray Lv.58, Electivire Lv.58, Houndoom Lv.56, Flareon Lv.56, Magmortar Lv.58. As you can see from the stats make sure you have some good Pokemon before you battle them as they are very strong Pokemon.


Listed below in order are the different gyms and their teams and what you recieve when you beat the gym.

Gym 1 - Oreburgh
Trainer - Roark (Geodude Lv.12, Onix Lv.12, Cranidos Lv.14)
You will receive TM76 Stealth Rock when the gym has been beaten.

Gym 2 - Eterna
Trainer - Gardenia (Turtwig Lv.20, Cherrim Lv.20, Roserade Lv.22)
You will receive TM86 Grass Knot when the gym has been beaten.

Gym 3 - Hearthome
Trainer - Fantina (Duskull Lv.24, Haunter Lv.24, Mismagius Lv.26)
You will receive TM65 Shadow Claw when the gym has been beaten.

Gym 4 - Veilstone
Trainer - Maylene (Meditite Lv.28, Machoke Lv.29, Lucario Lv.32)
You will receive TM60 Drain Punch when the gym has been beaten.

Gym 5 - Pastoria
Trainer - Crasher Wake (Gyarados Lv.33, Quagsire Lv.34, Floatzel Lv.37)
You will receive TM55 Brine when the gym has been beaten.

Gym 6 - Canalave
Trainer - Bryon (Magneton Lv.37, Steelix Lv.38, Bastiodon Lv.41)
You will receive TM91 Flash Cannon when the gym has been beaten.

Gym 7 - Snowpoint
Trainer - Candice (Sneasel Lv.40, Piloswine Lv.40, Abomasnow Lv.42, Froslass Lv.44)
You will receive TM72 Avalanche when the gym has been beaten.

Gym 8 - Sunyshore
Trainer - Volkner (Jolteon Lv.46, Raichu Lv.46, Luxray Lv.48, Electivire Lv. 50)
You will be receive TM57 Charge Beam when the gym has been beaten.

New Pokemon

Listed below are the 58 new Pokemon which have been added to the Sinnoh Pokedex and can be caught before you beat the Elite 4.

151 - Manaphy (Seen in the book at the Mansion, not catchable during the game)

152 - Rotom (has new forms which learn different attacks)

153 - Gligar

154 - Gliscor

155 - Nosepass

156 - Probopass

157 - Ralts

158 - Kirlia

159 - Gardevoir

160 - Gallade

161 - Lickitung

162 - Lickilicky

163 - Eevee

164 - Vaporeon

165 - Jolteon

166 - Flareon

167 - Espeon

168 - Umbreon

169 - Leafeon

170 - Glaceon

171 - Swablu

172 - Altaria

173 - Togepi

174 - Togetic

175 - Togekiss

176 - Houndour

177 - Houndoom

178 - Magnemite

179 - Magneton

180 - Magnezone

181 - Tangela

182 - Tangrowth

183 - Yanma

184 - Yanmega

185 - Tropius

186 - Rhyhorn

187 - Rhydon

188 - Rhyperior

189 - Duskull

190 - Dusclops

191 - Dusknoir

192 - Porygon

193 - Porygon2

194 - PorygonZ

195 - Scyther

196 - Scizor

197 - Elekid

198 - Electabuzz

199 - Electivire

200 - Magby

201 - Magmar

202 - Magmortar

203 - Swinub

204 - Piloswine

205 - Mamoswine

206 - Snorunt

207 - Glalie

208 - Froslass

209 - Absol

210 - Giratina (Original form)

Unlock Secret Box Wallpapers

If you go to the 3rd floor of the TV station in Jubilife City and say a certain phrase to the TV producer; when he asks for your feedback additional secret box wallpapers will become available. Your answer is composed of four words which can be obtained by going to this site TV http://www.filb.de/games/nds/pt/box and entering your Trainer ID.


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