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Sing It! HSM 3: Senior Year


Sing It! HSM 3: Senior Year

ESRB: Everyone - E
Platform: Nintendo Wii
Category: Miscellaneous

Publisher: Disney Interactive Studios
Developer: Zoe Mode


Players: 1-4
Co-op: Yes

Disney has released a follow up title to the original Sing It!, their successful karaoke style game. Featuring songs from High School Musical 1, 2 and 3, this newest game is a game with on of the longest titles I have seen in awhile: Disney Sing It! High School Musical 3: Senior Year (Sing It!: HSM3SY for the purposes of this review). As with the last Sing It, my wife quickly popped it into the Wii and the High School Musical concert began.


Graphically, Sing It!: HSM3SY is nearly identical to the previous instalment of Sing It, taking much of the tried and true formula and duplicating it for a pretty familiar experience. The music videos depicted in the backgrounds are exact duplicates of the songs that seen in all three of the High School Musical motion pictures. Apart from the music videos there is not a whole lot of graphics to talk about except for the option to change the menu screens to one of the three available designs including: High School Musical, High School Musical 2 and High School Musical 3. Overall, the graphics do their job in providing an easily navigatable game and the music videos are pretty good quality.


There are 35 available songs packaged into Sing It! HSM3SY. There are 10 from High School Musical 3, eight from High School Musical 2 and seven from the original High School Musical. The sound quality is identical to the songs original format, with no changes that I could detect from my experience watching all three films with my wife. If you have played the original Sing It! there is a slight overlap of songs, but there is quite a few newly added songs that High School Musical fans will be happy to sing away to. The whole track is listed below.

- High School Musical

* We're All In This Together
* Breaking Free
* When There Was Me And You
* Stick To The Status Quo
* Bop to the Top
* Get'cha Head In The Game
* Start Of Something New

- High School Musical 2

* All For One
* Everyday
* Gotta Go My Own Way
* I Don't Dance
* You Are The Music In Me
* Work This Out
* Fabulous
* What Time Is It

- High School Musical 3: Senior Year

* High School Musical
* Walk Away
* Scream
* The Boys Are Back
* A Night To Remember
* Just Wanna Be With You
* Can I Have This Dance?
* I Want It All
* Right Here, Right Now
* Now Or Never


The gameplay has not changed from the original Sing It! release. In the beginning of the game you are given the option to play Quick Play, Single Player and Multiplayer. You have three options in Quick Play including solo, versus and duet. In Solo mode you select the part of the song you want to sing and difficulty level. These are the basic options for all the modes, not only for Quick Play. When the song starts you are given a lyric bar at the bottom of the screen that will display your lyrics as they come up as well as the next line. Sound easy? Think again. You not only have to sing the proper lyrics but keep it in tune to keep your indicator in line with the pitch bars displayed.

Sing It! HSM3SY provides a training option under Sing It Pro. In this mode you will be coached by Olesya Rulin, the actress who plays Kelsi in the High School Musical movies. During training you are given the basics on Warm Up, Pitch, Accuracy, Breathing, and Harmony. You are presented with a series of examples that demonstrate each skill. To complete your training you must copy the examples in order to move on to the next part of your instruction. I really didn’t find the training to be all that helpful other than one pointer about pulling in your stomach to help you with the really high and the really low notes that are harder to hit. I think it would have been more helpful had the training been able to provide more personalized feedback on your results.

After training you may feel better prepared to tackle the songs in Single player mode. In single player mode you have the options of playing Solo, You’re On Your Own!, and Gig Mode. In Solo mode you select the song, the part you want to sing (Lead, Part 1 or Part 2) and then your difficulty setting. If you feel confident in the lyrics of the song you can try your hand at You’re On Your Own! In this mode the bar is raised a little higher as you sing straight from memory without lyrics or your score to let you know how you are doing. Lastly, Gig mode lets you create a playlist of five songs. In Gig mode you do have the lyrics to help you out.

Singing songs in any mode can earn you multipliers by singing a string of correct notes. At the end of each song you will be given a score breakdown which will show you your multipliers, total score and a star rating. You will notice that getting multipliers will definitely help you get better scores on the songs.

Sing It! HSM3SY has a variety of multiplayer modes, however the game is only compatible with Logitech microphones and the game only came packaged with one. It would have been nice if the game came packaged with two. For those players who happen to have two microphones you can look forward to Duets (sing a song co-op with a friend), Versus play (battle each other for the highest score), Gig Mode (sing 5 songs co-op with a friend) and Team Play (battle it out against an opposing team).

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