(NintendoDS) Retro Game Challenge

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Cosmic Gate - Power-Up

If you need a Power-up, pause gameplay and press Up, Up, A, A, B, B.

Unlock Sound Mode

This feature becomes an available option at the Title screen when you clear ALL Story challenges, Game specific challenges and earn the Clear mark for ALL games.

Cosmic Gate - Warp to Final Level

Fire 64 shots without hitting any enemies in the first stage. A Warp Gate will appear which will take you to the final stage of the game.

Cheat Code for Star Prince

Invulnerability mode
On the 'Title' screen hold 'Up' and press A(x3), release and then hold 'Down' and press B(x3). Keep trying!!

Cheat Codes for Rally King and Rally King SP

On the 'Title' screen hold UP + Left + Select together.

Defeat Enemies:
On the 'Title' screen hold Down + Right + Select together.

Skip to Stage 2:
On the 'Title' screen press A, B, A, B, Up + Select.

Skip to Stage 3:
On the 'Title' screen press A, B, A, B, Left + Select.

Skip to Stage 4:
On the 'Title' screen press A, B, A, B, Down + Select.

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