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When I first picked up Farcry for the PC I was blown away. The graphics are the best I've ever seen on a shooter

Far Cry Instincts


Far Cry Instincts

ESRB: Mature - M
Platform: Xbox
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When I first picked up Farcry for the PC I was blown away. The graphics are the best I've ever seen on a shooter— very rich and powerful. I can remember telling my friends that I hoped it would be ported over to the X-BOX. Many an argument was based upon whether or not the game could be successfully ported over. After all, lots of console gamers didn't believe the X-BOX had enough horsepower, and even if they could find a way, Ubisoft would have to cut back on graphics so much that the game would suffer. I got my first glance at the X-BOX version at E3 and I was extremely impressed. The storyline was re-written, the maps had changed and the graphics were still extremely impressive. I take the things I see at gaming trade shows with a grain of salt. How many times have we gotten stoked about a game after seeing a demo or some cut scenes, only to be disappointed later? For those of you who haven't played Farcry Instincts, are unfamiliar with it, or have been living under a rock for the last year, it takes place on a tropical island. This is no ordinary tropical paradise; it's populated by mercenaries, beasts, freaks and genetic misfits, all of whom are hell bent on fraggin your ass. You start the adventure as Jack Carver, an ex-soldier who just wants to retire and run a diving and fishing charter business. Your client, a good-looking reporter (yeah right), has hired you to take her to a remote island so she can get some pictures. First she takes your jet ski to scout the island, much to your chagrin, and then two helicopter gun ships attack you. They proceed to blow your boat to pieces, but you jump overboard and swim safely to shore. This is where the fun and adventure begins. Initially you're restricted in weapon selection and have to rely on stealth, sneak attacks, and using tree branches as your own personal human fly swatters. For this maneuver, you basically walk up to a tree, press the black button, pull the trigger, and voila, you have your very own spring loaded trap. Gradually, you can weapon up and drive different heavily armed vehicles. The vehicles are an impressive list of fighting hardware, featuring heavily armed ATV's, humvees, speed boats, hovercrafts and gliders. The humvees allow you to switch from driver mode, with limited weapon capability, to weapon mode, which allows you to take full control of the heavy weaponry attached to the vehicle. In this mode you can't drive the vehicle, but you can cause much more damage. The physics allow almost everything to be blown up, pushed around, or knocked over. They are kind of dated in comparison to some games, but overall they are well done. One of the best aspects of this game is the sheer size of the maps and environment. This by far is one of the biggest "playing fields" I've seen on a console in a long time. The draw distance is incredible, something I thought would be hard to accomplish in the porting process. There are a few new twists in the game that separate it from its PC brother. One twist is that a scientist injects you with a toxic serum and you gain "Feral Powers." Your instincts and physical attributes are heightened and you become more of an animal then a man at times. You can run faster, smell your enemies, and bash em like the Hulk can. Multiplayer action consists of X-BOX live (naturally), 2- 8 players split screen, or 2-8 players system link. The default maps are well done and include all the weaponry, hardware and vehicles the single player mode has. As far as multiplayer maps, Farcry Instincts has some of the best, offering large scale battles and a view as far as the eye can see. Too many games nowadays offer restrictive maps that constrain game play. The game also has a map editor that lets you make your own maps. This is another pleasant surprise— traditionally, console map making hasn't been the greatest. Basically you start building from the ground up, starting with terrain, then adding shrubbery (we are the knights who say Nee), ruins, weather, buildings, bridges, boxes, weaponry vehicles, and voila, you have your paradise. There's actually a lot more to it than that, and it can be quite time consuming as the detail required for building maps is intense. Overall, this is an extremely well done component of the game and will ensure its long term success by giving gamers the ability to create and play in their own evolving and expanding environments. While making your map you have the ability to jump in and out to tweak the map. A frame rate gauge is also included so you can see how "fast or slow" your world is in real time in order to make adjustments to the environment if needed. Farcry Instincts, IMHO, is the best first person shooter I've played on the X-BOX to date. It's extremely exciting, and the rich, brilliant graphics will draw you into the game like no other. The map editor is the best one available for consoles and will keep the game fresh for a long time. I highly recommend this title and definitely put it down as a "Must Buy" for any X-BOX owner.


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