Sony Presser was Less than Stellar

The morning kicked off with a sleeper Sony Media Briefing. Maybe I am just tired but nothing really excited me from Sony's line-up of games, accessories, etc. The "Move" seems alright but at the end of the day your hardcore or even mature gamer likely won't give the device the time of day. Besides the wand and the remote combined will cost you around 90 bucks after tax. They bundle the thing with a game for 100 bucks but sheshh, seems a tad pricy to me. The "PSP Go" keeps sinking like the titanic and the show's biggest surprise was merely another Twisted Metal game....big frickin deal!



So many cool things were shown, and I wasn't there for any of it yet! New 360. Nintendo 3DS. Child of Eden. The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. Golden Sun: Dark Dawn. GoldenEye 007. Kirby's Epic Yarn. Donkey Kong Country Returns (so cool!). Kid Icarus Uprising. Dear hardware manufacturers and game publishers, please send me everything. Thanks.


E3 Thoughts by Kirby Y - The day before it begins

Well, it's 1:30 or so in the AM. Trevor H and I finally managed to get a cab back to our hotel after the Activision Preview Event. i have to say that I am beat. Today's events were quite busy.


Activision Rocks the House at Staples Center with Eminem, Jane's Addiction, Usher and many more.

It was an incredible night at Staples Center in LA. Eminem closed down the show with some of his new hits and some blasts from the past. Jane's Addiction took me back to the 1990's with their short, albeit sweet, 2-song set. Usher kicked off the night with some slick tunes and Tony Hawk even made an appearance. Was a very cool and unforgetable night. Now I must sleep.....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


The end of day zero

Day zero draws to a close! All I did today was pick up my badge holder from the convention center and meet with the rest of the Game-Boyz team, but it's already been exciting. It's so cool just being at E3! The hall opens at noon tomorrow, and I have appointments all day. Expect to hear lots more from me!



I just got to Los Angeles and checked in at the hotel. Not much to say yet, but it's nice to be here! Now I'm off to get my badge holder so that I can actually enter E3!


The Hype Machine that is Kinect

11:35 - Wow, Microsoft is really flogging the Kinect. They really want to tap into that Wii market. Games very similar to Wii Sports Resort and Wii fit will be available from launch. Very curious to see what this sucker will cost. Kirby Y says $150....I say $199. We shall see....

I could really go for a big stinkin burger right now....holy hell!


Video Kinect and ESPN Xbox Live Strike a Deal

11:20 - Video Kinect will allow gamers to chat with one another on video. Very cool feature indeed. That said, I guess the Xbox Live Camera is dead? ESPN and Xbox Live have reached an agreement. Looks like you will now be able to watch the game and pull up features, stats, trivia and connect with friends as you watch the game. Apparently its free. Wonder if this is available in Canada....not getting my hopes up.


Halo Reach, Call of Duty Black Ops, Gears 3 and Metal Gear Game Generating all the Buzz

11:00 - Reach looks impressive and Call of Duty Black Ops looks stunning. The biggest buzz from the crown thus far has to be Konami's Metal Gear Solid Rising. Cliffy B introduced us to some 4 player co-op for Gears 3 which looks entertaining as hell. Now they are just demonstrating some of the features of the Kinect. Jury is still out on that one.

Alright, be nice if they had a frickin concession stand here....god damn i'm thirsty.


Live on Location at the Wiltern Theater in LA

10:25 - Well Kirby Y and I are live on location at the Microsoft Presser at the Wiltern Theater in LA. The WiFi actually works so here I am blogging. The show is about to begin and the stage is quite a bit smaller compared to last years show.

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