Some PS2 Love

At the Sony presser last week at E3 Sony threw out some stats that the PS2 was still selling like 'hot cakes'. I don't recall the exact figures, but I was still surprised by the stats nonetheless. So for 'shits and giggles' I fired up my girlfriends PS2 and I must say for a console over 10 years old the games still look pretty darn good. It's not next-gen quality by any stretch, but overall it is still not a bad little system for those looking for a 'blast from the past' or maybe for those on a tight budget. Many gamers cannot afford to drop 200-400 bucks on a new console.


E3 Final Thoughts

The week is finally over and now I am paying the price as I wake up with a sore throat, aches and pains all over the place. My head is already overloaded with so many great looking games to come out in the next year. It's hard to pin-point any one game which rises above all others but here are 5 games which really stood out for me:

1.) Call of Duty: Black Ops

This game absolutely looks stunning and will once again be a top seller for Activision.

2.) True Crime


Gameboyz TV - A New Idea

“Are you geared up for the love hate relationship?”


E3 Thoughts by Kirby Y - E3 is now over and there is still more work to do

Day 3 is in the books, and E3 is officially over for me. There are a few social events tonight, but I am sitting here at LAX composing my final thoughts for you lucky readers out there, no matter how many or how few there are of you. It is time for me to go home so I now count E3 2010 as over. That being said, I have a lot of work to do as I go through all the material I have acquired from publishers and developers and I come up with deeper impressions of my time on the show floor. For now you will have to settle for my casual thoughts of my final day in LA.


THQ Makes a Splash

The moment we arrived at the gates of E3 I noticed something was different. One of the smaller fish had become significantly larger, more aggressive and imposing - its presence obviously unmistakable. You’d have to be completely blind not to have noticed, and if you’re here and you haven’t, well perhaps it can be forgiven, this being your first time at the show and all.


Last Day of E3

Well its my last day here at E3. Glad the madness is almost over. The lack of sleep, too much take-out food and boozin' it up is catching up with me. Yet I push through. On deck today, EA booth, Konami, Sega, Majesco, Square Enix and 2K. Then fly home tonight. Peace Out!


E3 Thoughts by Kirby Y - Day 2 is in the books, one more to go.

As I sit hear on a nice June evening, Day 2 of the madness of E3 has come to an end, and I have to say that I am glad the day is over. Don’t get me wrong, I love the whole feel of E3, and I love seeing all the games, but man there are so many titles to see, but so little time, given that I am going from appointment to appointment. This is the first year in about 10 that I feel I am missing some of games I should be seeing. I really think that we need more people here that go from appointment to appointment to allow the time for me, and Trevor H, to really soak up the show.


Strikeforce Fight Night at the Nokia Theater

Tonight I had the opportunity to take in the Strikeforce event at the Nokia Theater in LA. Overall, the fights were relatively non-eventful. The following 4 fights took place:

Lightweights: KJ Noons vs. Conor Heun

Middleweights: Trevor Prangley vs. Tim Kennedy

Welterweights: Marius Zaromskis vs. Evangelista Cyborg

Catch weight (195 pounds): Robbie Lawler vs. Renato Babalu


Activision's "True Crime" game is going to surprise many

Today I stopped by the Activision booth today and checked out United Front Games "True Crime" game. The Vancouver based developer is re-booting the franchise and taking a Grant Theft Auto open world approach to the game. So far the results are fantastic. The games combat system is enjoyable with kicks and punches which resemble that of an MMA fighter. The driving mechanics are also tight which comes as no surprise considering many of the developers working on the game are former Need for Speed developers.


E3 Thoughts by Kirby Y - The ups and downs of Day 1

As I sit here on my computer at 12:45 AM, I am reflecting on the day one of the show. It started off with a press event from Sony and ended with a Halo Reach Reception where the new and improved firefight was unveiled. So what happened in between, lots.

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