Need for Speed World...a Free Game???

New this week is Need for Speed World which is is a free-to-play street racing game featuring licensed cars and parts. A free game? There must be a catch right? Well you got it Toyota! For those seeking a "deeper experience", EA will also offer the Need for Speed World Starter Pack, which costs $20. For 20 bucks you get access to level 50, a Toyota Corolla AE86 vehicle exclusive to the pack, and $20 worth of speedboost (NFS World's in-game currency). Starter Pack purchasers also receive a discount on power-ups, double experience point periods, and rental cars.


Madden Demo Arrives Today

At some point today I will download the Madden 11 demo and give it a spin. My expecations for Madden are once again somewhat neutral. With Madden, you know you are never going to get a drastic overhaul. The core gameplay will return but with a few more bells and whistles. It is what it is.


NCAA Football

Well it is that time of year when EA pumps out its annual college football game. Year after year, EA's NCAA football game has taken back seat to Madden. On its own, EA's NCAA Football game has always been a strong franchise but at the end of the day Madden consistenly had it beat. NCAA Football for many was merely a game which kept hardcore football fans occupied until its big brother arrive in stores.


Sin & Punishment: Star Successor

Did Frank's review of the new Sin & Punishment make anyone else really want to play it? I already wanted to play it because I love Treasure, but his review got me pretty excited about it. Plus, it'll put my Wii Zapper to good use!


Happy Canada Day Folks

Given we are a site run by mostly Canadians, posting will be few and far between over the long weekend...well it will be a long weekend for most of us. The smart ones booked Friday as today (Thursday July 1st) is the Statutory holiday. So Happy Canada Day from Game-Boyz!


Sonic Colors

Someone else at Game-Boyz is working on a full preview of Sonic Colors, but I wanted to make sure I talked about it a little too. This is another Wii title from E3, and I really enjoyed it. After playing Sonic 4 and being very pleased, I went to checked out Sonic Colors, not expecting to like it. They finally returned to the classic formula so why bother looking at their newest entry in the modern formula? Well, it looks like they may have finally got the modern version down.


Crackdown 2 is going to let us down

I really can't pinpoint to any one particular thing; but I just get the sense Crackdown 2 is going to disapoint many and not deliver like the 1st one did. At the time Crackdown arrived on the Xbox 360, most people purchased the game just for a chance to participate in the Halo 3 beta. Little did we know, we had a great sandbox game on our hand. The graphics were stylish and sharp, the sound delivered and the campaign was engaging. Sure the single player campaign seemed short at the time, but if you look at everything else you could do (e.g.


The Lich King taunts me, but at least I have a Proto-Drake.

Another raiding week went by without me seeing the Lich King die. This week was especially annoying because I didn't get to see him at all. My guild's been having some problems lately. We had quite a few raiders quit. In their place, we've recruited new people and brought back some old raiders. Honestly it's hard for me to tell the difference, because I only joined at the end of December. Regardless, we have a lot of new raiders who need to gear up, learn fights, and get comfortable raiding together. There's also a bit of other tensions and drama that's not worth discussing in a public place.


Hello World!

Hi everyone!

I'm the newest writer at Game-Boyz, and I'm looking forward to helping out by bringing you guys news and reviews. Until then, have fun :)



New Transformers Game Getting Rave Reviews

It was brought to my attention this evening by Kirby Y (Game-Boyz Editor in Chief) that the new Transformers game (Transformers: War for Cybertron) was scoring on average 8.5 out of 10 based on 10 reviews thus far. Having reviewed the last couple of Transformer games, this comes as somewhat of a surprise as frankly the last two Transformer games on the Xbox 360 stunk. Granted the last two were movie based games which we all know can come across as rushed and unfinished. This being said, I cannot believe how well received this new game is thus far.

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