Wait... What have you been playing lately?

I've been pretty busy lately with work and stuff, so I haven't had much time to put into really engaging console/PC games. Actually, I feel like most of my free time lately has been spent waiting... but waiting time has (for me) turned into gaming time! I'm sure that mobile gaming is so big BECAUSE people are constantly waiting.


Introducing... Myself?

Hi de hi, ladies and gentlemen of Game-Boyz! Well, here I am, posting my first ever blog, having just put up the first of what will hopefully be many reviews, whether the games be good, bad, indifferent, or, in rare cases, just plain ugly!


Cataclysm U.S. Launch Party

One-hundred thirty-three days. That’s how long I’ve spent actually logged in to my main character in the World of Warcraft. Four hours. That’s how long I had to wait for the release of the newest expansion, World of Warcraft: Cataclysm after getting off work last night. I was definitely excited. Many of the game changes had already occurred in the last patch. I knew I probably wouldn’t see any new content that night because I’d likely go to sleep after purchasing it. But I couldn’t help it. As a World of Warcraft player, the excitement was there in me. It should have been a holiday.


One Year with Gameboyz

One year ago today I submitted my first review to Murray! It's been an exciting year.


Kinect has arrived!

Well the Kinect has finally arrived after much hoopla. I will be picking mine up this afternoon and I have to admit I am skeptical. I am not convinced Xbox 360 owners will embrace this slick looking machine as much as MS hopes. Nothing really jumps out at me in terms of the launch games and frankly how many gamers do you know want to get off the their rump and shake about in front of the TV? I guess only time will tell and there is no doubt the Kinect will appeal to many families. Yet, at the end of the day, will developers keep pumping out games for it and will it have lasting power?


Off to see Homefront's Single Player Story

So I sit hear at the Vancouver International Airport waiting to go to experience the Single Player preview for Homefront, I can help but feel a bit excited about what will be in store.

After reading Trevor H's multiplayer experience, and how he enjoyed what he saw and played, I am looking forward to seeing what the single player story holds. The early indication while at E3 had me pretty intrigued, and this gives me a chance to see how far the game has come, single player speaking, and see if they give any more tidbits away of where it is going.


Homefront Multiplayer Impressions

And you thought I would break the embargo date.... Come back to the site on October 6th when the embargo is lifted and I can tell you all about the hands-on multiplayer reveal of THQ's Homefront.


Sega Day and the Death of Bob's Game

There are two things I wanted to quickly mention. First, today is 09/09/10, eleven years to the day since the North American launch of the Dreamcast! I celebrate this day as Sega Day every year. Last year, for 09/09/09, ten years since 9/9/99, I had a Dreamcast party to celebrate with friends. We played a lot of Dreamcasts, the good and the bad, and had some themed food - chili dogs (for Sonic) and cupcakes with the red Dreamcast swirl on top. This year I'm not doing anything like that, but I hope people take a minute to play some Sega games or their Dreamcasts if they still have them.


My Game Boyz Anniversary

I've been contributing to Game Boyz for two years now and it has been a lot of fun. I remember Kirby posting on a forum saying that they need someone to go to Toronto and cover an event for NHL 2K9. The NHL 2K9 preview event was my first Game Boyz article and it was posted on August 25th, 2008.


A non-gaming issue - going to the movies: is it worth it anymore?

So I don't play games all the time. If anything, taking a break from gaming makes reviewing a little more enjoyable. I enjoy going to movies now and then to take away from reviewing. That being said, prices are going up, and I find that theaters are not being kept up in terms of cleaniness and condition as much as they should be. So why am I bitching?

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