Thoughts on the Gaming Industry: Oh, Look, Another FPS.

So, recently, news has been released that says Syndicate is going to be rebooted. This is, in a sense, good news. But only in a sense. The original Syndicate was, effectively, a dystopian squad strategy game, with the "squad" basically being mind-controlled and drugged up corporate slaves, who would then kill, steal, and persuad-a-tron their way along, so as to weaken other corporations, so your corporation could take over the world. And lo, it was good.


Thoughts on the Gaming Industry: It's Not Finished!

For the past few years, we've been seeing a terrible phenomenon becoming more and more common. Games that are blatantly rushed out the door on their supposed release day, which don't have proper endings, or endings that come too suddenly, features promised that never materialised, and bugs the size of Mothra. We could lay this at the feet of console releases being shoddily ported, but that's nowhere near the whole story. Even PC exclusives are suffering from being released too darn soon. A good example, no matter how much I like it, is Dungeons of Dredmor.


Random Thoughts: Eurogamer, Trailers, and Manshoot.

Settle in, ladies and gents, this is a long one. In reviews, I try and keep it short. Here, you get a closer look at my twisted mind. So if you're up for it, let's begin...


XCOM, Rest In Peace.

Okay, so you're already getting the wrong end of the stick with my title... Sort of... That's my fault, but it's genuinely how I felt after seeing 2K's *full* E3 "walkthrough trailer" for XCOM. You can find it here at


The SPAZ Controversy... AKA - Why I Gave It A 6 At First, And A 7 Later.

Firstly, it's nice to see people actually commenting. What's a shame is that people are only commenting when they disagree with what is, basically, a bunch of numbers. Numbers whose *actual* scales vary from reviewer to reviewer.

It's funny people are asking for the re-review, because MinMax requested that I re-review also. I am in the process of editing right now, but it will not overly affect the score. Yes, there are some nice surprises in there, yes, the endgame has its moments. But that does not change certain aspects of the game.


Thoughts on the Gaming Industry: Porting, DRM-Alikes, "Protection"

So, if you've been keeping up with gaming news, you'd know that Ubisoft basically lied about the DRM-alike "feature" of From Dust. And, if you've read my review, you'll see that, once again, a major company just can't be bothered with making the PC version... well, of more use than a chocolate teapot. I've seen this happen before, and I'll most likely see it again. But why do it?


Thoughts on the Gaming Industry: Big Companies, Little Fish

After my interview with Puppygames, I sat down and had a nice, long think. This definitely isn't the first time I've heard sentiments such as these, and I highly doubt it will be the last. "The Big Companies Leave Everyone Out In The Cold", "The Big Companies Always Take The Biggest Slice", and other such comments are common in many industries, from music, to gaming, even in the area of public service, you hear this refrain. But is it entirely true?


So you want to explore Indie Games?

As you may have noticed, folks and lasses, I've mainly been reviewing Indie games since I've come to join Game-Boyz. Is this because I only review indie games? no, definitely not. I've had my fair share of AAA reviews in the past, and tilted my lance at both indie and "big" developer alike when the game has been less than promised. But does that mean I'm not just a teensy bit biased toward indie games? Well, no, because, quite frankly, independents are where most of the experimentation goes on.


Madden NFL 12 Arrives at the end of the month

Madden 12 arrives at the end of the month. Many, including myself, are wondering how this game could possibly improve over last years game. Madden 11 was a solid game and arguably the best we had seen in the series to date. Other than some new animations and perhaps some added online features, I struggle to why Madden fans should fork over $59.99 for a game which will likely be nearly identical to last years version. I guess we will see at the end of the month if this game is truly worth adding to your gaming library.


The PR War and The Little People: A Gamer's Perspective on the Origin-Steam Dispute

I am not writing this entry as a staff member of Game-Boyz, but as a gamer. The reason? As a reviewer, if I am sent a review copy of a product, or a news item, I am honour bound by the rules of my profession to give it a fair review, and to only mention the distribution method in passing. But, as a gamer, I have watched EA for some years, and, despite their occasionally good releases, and rare excellent releases (such as Mass Effect), they are not in-tune with modern marketing methods. And this has led to a series of public relations debacles.

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