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Simplicity Required to Progress

2011 has been a magnanimous year for video games. Recollect the massive amount of smash hits we've seen this year: Arkham City, Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception, Halo: Combat Evolved, Gears of War 3, Skyrim, Modern Warfare 3, Skyward Sword (to name a few).

What is it that made these games great? Was it their attention to detail? Their phenomenal graphics and gameplay? Their ability to tap into our psyche and stir up emotion and nostalgia? Was it a combination of these traits, or something else entirely?


Dead Island: The Game, The Novel (SPOILERS)

So, earlier today (this morning?), some friends and I finished Dead Island. Apart from some unintentional comedy (One-shotting the boss... good work, dude!), it was pretty cool, and, after some of the more frustrating parts (Act III... RRAAAAAAAGH!), it was sort of a relief. Everyone had fun, and, although it was short (We'd ended our last session at 97% story), it still had its moments.


Move On, Move On...

One of the things that any gamer knows is that games don't last forever. Not just because real-life comes knocking, real responsibilities, and we have to put away our toys before getting down to work, but because it's done, or because we rage, or because... well, the magic's gone...


Some Delay Expected, A Story of Insufficent Communication

So, a little while back, we got the okay to review Sword of the Stars 2... but, as yet, no review has materialised. Why is this? Well, it's a long and slightly complicated story, but I thought I should tell it, as a warning to all.

So, up till release day, there was next to nothing coming from the Kerberos studios, news wise. Couple of vids, couple of screenshots... and then release day hit, aaaaaand...


Back From Eurogamer, Future Plans

So yes, I'm back from Eurogamer, and I have blisters on the blisters of my feet, from all the walking around, greeting, meeting, playing, and testing, all to give you guys some more reviews! Saw one heckuva lot at EGE, got lots of freebies, and made quite a few new friends (including the lovely folks of Boss Baddie games, Xymatic, and Id), so we have a lot of articles planned for the next week.


Reccr - Video Game Recommendations

You probably haven't heard of Reccr, but you should be using it. What is it? Reccr is a video game recommending site. It's free to sign up, so head over to and take a look. Go ahead; I'll wait for you here.


Thoughts On the Gaming Industry: Teamwork and the Interwubs

So, as I mentioned earlier today, we've recently received Nuclear Dawn here at GameBoyz. Obviously, because it's beta, it's a bit quiet right now, but there's always at least one busy server so far, and the one I've faved is the busiest of all. It's also shown me some valuable insights into teamwork, and a game that relies very much on everyone doing their bit.


Thoughts On the Gaming Industry: A Bold Experiment

Quite recently, we've received codes to review Nuclear Dawn, an FPS/RTS hybrid being published by Iceberg Interactive, and developed by Interwave Studios. And the concept, mechanics wise, is a bold one. It's a team-based FPS... but with RTS elements. And this, ladies and gents, is a bold experiment for several reasons. Not least of which, this specific type of game has not done amazingly well before.


Thoughts on the Game Industry: Little Numbers.

This is a difficult entry to write. Partly because it's about review scores, and hey, we've got those! But mostly because it's about reviewing, and some truths that many people just don't get about reviewing, and games journalism in general.

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