Gamevolution: Arcade Antics (1965-1971)

Arcade Game Antics 1965-1971

In the late sixties, video games were still about as popular as macaroni and sliced apples. Some people liked them, but most people hadn't even heard of them. Despite this, this era of gaming made the concept concrete. People liked video games, people would pay money for them, and thus, people should produce them.


What makes a game amazing?

What makes a game amazing? Is it the hype that it’s given, the multiplayer, the graphics, the intensity/ adrenaline, your friends, the insipidness of reading a book, rather than playing game, or is it exploring new worlds that seem very ambiguous new to the human mind? What is it? I for one have heard the many play games because it helps cope with daily problems, is it true? Or is a video game amazing due to its senseless violence. I for one believe that a game is only amazing when it gives the mind new worlds to explore.


Gamevolution: Spacewar! (1960-1965)

Spacewar! – 1960-1965
The world had entered a new decade – one which was to be filled with LSD, human rights movements, and feminism. Video games were hardly a significant part of this revolutionary era, but their potential had been realized. People were starting to learn that they would no longer have to exert energy or brain power to play games!


Is it worth buying DLC anymore?

DLC have existed for about a few years now, but many still wonder is it still worth it to buy DLC off of Live and PSN, and I believe the answer to that question is no. I don’t believe the content is not worth it because the content itself is short, or because the trailer lacks aesthetic qualities, but rather why buy DLC when it is going to come out in an disc that has accrued all of the DLC content for the game into a single package, which comes with a title known as: “Game of the Year edition,” or “Complete Edition.”


Gamevolution: The Initiative

Gamevolution – The Discovery (Prior to 1960)
Video games surround us like a thick, pixellated blanket . They're ubiquitous, invasive, and popular. They're entertaining, distracting, and awesome. They're developing at an astonishing rate,just as they have been for over forty years. Of course, as such a basic staple of our society, they've got a hell of a history - people have been killed over video games.


The Steam Xmas Sale and More.

So, every GameBoyz member who's been on Steam will have come across the Steam Xmas Sale, and the drama therein. We've had server crashes, disappointments, whining, and... well, actually, a pretty traditional christmas, when you think about it!


Every indie game from the Ludum Dare 22 challenge available for free

It's a cold hard fact in our industry; video games take a long time to develop. In fact even many of the "smaller" games that come out on Xbox live arcade and Playstation network take years of hard work by a devoted team to complete. However one competition out there regularly challenges talented video game creators to single-handedly conceptualize, code, and finish a video game in under 48 hours!


Game IP's expanding to other forms of media.

Well it’s here, the day we’ve all been waiting for. The big Bioware release that all fanboys can’t wait to get their hands on, yes you know what I’m talking about! DRAGON AGE: ASUNDER!!!!

Alright that was a joke and yes today is swtor day but it’s also the release date for Bioware Author-- David Gaider’s 3rd Dragon age Novel “ASUNDER.” I for one am a fan of everything Bioware including the Dragon Age series.


Biggest games that gamers could be waiting for during 2012 first quarter!

The year for 2011 gaming is coming to a close with all of the great games ranging from Battlefield to Assassin’s Creed having been released already, but that doesn’t mean the fun ends. 2012 first quarter looks like a great start to the year of gaming, with several games that look incredible and many will be agog for. Final Fantasy 13-2 is going to be released in North America, along with Never Dead, Asura’s Wrath, and our very favorite and somewhat new RPG series known as Mass Effect. All of these games I believe are going to be great and very much something that I am looking forward to.


inFamous 2

I find that I don't have a lot of time to play full console games. What usually ends up happening is my friends keep talking about a game, and then eventually my good friend Edward brings one to my house, tells me to play it, and then doesn't mind when I keep it for a long, long time.

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